New England Electric provides professional, reliable commercial electrical services for a wide variety of needs.

Office & Retail

From adding kitchens and bathrooms, to expanding lighting and data wiring and more, we wire office space for comfort, convenience, and functionality.

New Construction

With deep knowledge, skilled electricians, and clear communication, we take pride in laying a solid electrical foundation while working seamlessly with contractors, permitting, and other professionals to keep new construction projects on track.

Restaurants & Bars

Whether wiring a space from scratch, installing elements like interior or exterior lighting and signs, appliances, and heating and cooling systems, or updating for energy efficiency, we help you seamlessly create an inviting space to gather.


We set up new medical office space from scratch and install power for additional equipment including X-ray machines, dental chairs, and other specialized medical devices.

Specialty Spaces

We install, update, and retrofit commercial spaces of all sizes for specialty uses. Upgrade electrical service, install phase converters, connect power for specialized and industrial equipment, and add custom lighting, pumps, or large-scale lighting in parking lots and garages.

Apartments Buildings

We simplify and streamline electrical maintenance, retrofitting, upgrades, emergency service, and laying wire for new construction in apartment buildings of all sizes.  

Working with contractors or directly with owners, our team of skilled electricians can retrofit existing systems, wire new construction, install new equipment, and maintain electrical equipment for clients including restaurants and food service establishments, medical offices, retail spaces, office buildings, apartments, and specialty sites such as museums and aquariums.
We handle all aspects of permitting and inspection for electrical work, with a responsive staff to answer questions, maintain regular communication throughout each project, and respond quickly in case of emergencies. We know that the electrical work is often one piece of a much larger puzzle, and our clients appreciate that we complete work on time to keep projects moving.

Featured Commercial Customers